This is a playlist of some TEDxDrakeU talks that I filmed and edited. Each one is just a bit different based on the content of the talks
Salt Company went on a Spring Break Mission Trip to Kansas University. This is a highlight video I made of the trip.
Drake University’s only improv Troupe, D+, is a very popular performance group on campus. I wanted to know more about them…
Highlight video for Painted Street 2018.
For Drake Broadcasting System, I did a story about how Fong’s Pizza prepared for their first Drake Relays in the neighborhood.
Another story I did for Drake Broadcasting System was about alumni reminiscing about their experiences from Drake Relays when they were students.
Yet another story for Drake Broadcasting system, but a little more fun!
Short film for Advanced Video Production.
This took a very long time to edit, so I’m proud of the final product!